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RoGator® C Series Self-Propelled Sprayer

The New Benchmark in Precision Application
Introducing the new RoGator® C Series by Challenger®

From the industry-exclusive LiquidLogic™ system to the sophisticated AWD SmartDrive™ system to the simple, intuitive AccuTerminal™ operational platform that controls all chassis and machine functions, this sprayer is designed to deliver more precise application in less time, with less wear on the machine and operator.

Contact your local Farm Depot today and come see how the innovation can smooth operation at one of our three locations.

Application Equipment

Self-Propelled Sprayers

RoGator C Series Sprayers for Professional-Grade Application  280-339 hp

RoGator® 1300C Series Self-Propelled Sprayer with LiquidLogic™ System

RoGator B Series Sprayers 165 hp


TerraGator Floaters