Driving a Fendt is more than just driving a tractor. It comes with a feeling of ease, even during the toughest work. Because, thanks to the continuously variable Fendt Vario transmission, there are no gear steps, but plenty of performance – from the Fendt 500 Vario to the high-horsepower Fendt 1000 Vario. Ever since the Dieselross, Fendt tractors have been setting standards in efficiency and driving pleasure for agricultural machinery. Whether it is a used tractor or a brand-new tractor – the unique Fendt driving sensation is convincing – leaders drive Fendt.


Fendt 1000 Vario 396-517 hp

Fendt 900 Vario  275-390 hp

Fendt 800 Vario  220-280 hp

Fendt 700 Vario  145-240 hp

Fendt 500 Vario  125-165 hp


Gray Market AGCO Tractors

AGCO recently discovered that used AGCO equipment designed and manufactured for use outside of North America is being imported into the United States and Canada without AGCO’s authorization or approval. While AGCO has specifically identified the sale of “gray market” Fendt-branded tractors, other AGCO brands (such as Valtra, Massey Ferguson and Challenger) and other types of agricultural equipment may also be affected by gray market units.

Failure to Meet North American Standards

Gray market equipment differs in many important respects from equipment that AGCO makes and sells for the North American market. For example, the identified gray market Fendt tractors lack important safety features and fail to meet North American standards regarding lighting and marking, safety decals, PTO requirements and required safety chain provisions. Furthermore, they may exceed the speed limitations of North American braking and hitching standards.

Warranty Unavailable/No Responsibility

Neither AGCO nor AGCO Dealers provide parts, service or warranty support for gray market units in the United States and Canada and AGCO NA Dealers are not authorized by AGCO NA to service gray market equipment. AGCO accepts no responsibility whatsoever, either through itself or its authorized dealers, for “gray market” equipment.

For more information, please contact:

Joseph Lewinski, Esq.
AGCO Corporation
Director Legal Services, NA