Krone BiG M Self-Propelled Mowers

BiG M 420        Big M 450

BiG M 420

The BiG M 420 produces clean and high-quality forage without affecting the regrowth of crops. This machine has great efficiency and is great in small fields. The BiG M 420 has great maneuverability and makes getting into and opening up in small fields a breeze. The mowers have a work width of up to 31’10” and can be ran separately.

Krone Big M 420 Brochure

BiG M 450

The BiG M 450 is great for large and small fields that range from flat to hilly. It is driven by wheel motors and can easily turn through a 50° angle. The BiG M 450 has a work width of 32’8″. When the swathing hoods on both mowers are closed the augers feed the material from the sides to the middle, windrowing it into one central swath. When cutting along field edges you can also close just one hood to present a clean job to the following harvester.

Krone BiG M 450 Brochure

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