Krone Disc Mowers

The Krone AM and new AM R disc mowers are built for small to medium hay operations. The mowers are strong, sturdy and dependable. You can expect these mowers to be reliable and have minimal maintenance. There are no belts which makes for longer lasting performance. They are light weight which allows operation on smaller framed tractors for lower fuel consumption.

Small to medium operations will benefit from the EasyCut models but medium to large operations with higher horsepower tractors will also benefit from these models. The mower effortlessly follows the contour of the ground providing an even cut because of the center of gravity flotation system. 

The front and rear mounted disc mowers and mower conditioners are ideal for large operations. These mowers can cut up to 33′ in one pass, greatly reducing harvest time. The SafeCut disc protection reduces the chances of cutterbar damage and downtime.

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