Schoolcraft story

Jeff Ziegler

Jeff has an extensive background in power train and high performance chassis. He has extensive experience with Challenger tractors and is the hands-on star technician for the Schoolcraft store. Jeff also acts as service manager for our Schoolcraft location. Please call Jeff Ziegler to schedule your repair or maintenance jobs in the south and southwest portions of the state.
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Sandy Munson

Sandy has been with the company since 2009 and takes excellent care of the office at Farm Depot. Sandy administers the Norwesco tank sales and inventory control for Farm Depot, as well as routes all of the phone calls for parts, sales and service. If you have a question about who you should talk to at Farm Depot there is a good chance that Sandy will know.
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Stan Nagel

Stan is a dedicated advocate of Farm Depot parts and takes pride in running an efficient and well-stocked parts department. Stan works diligently to offer Farm Depot customers the best value for the parts that they need to keep going. Stan can source quality parts for many competitive brands and there is a good chance that he can save you some money over your current supplier. Give him at call at:
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Alan Henrickson

Alan has farmed most of his life and enjoys interacting with growers. He spent time running his own computer business after completing a career as an air traffic controller. Alan enjoys working with new technology and has knowledge of a wide range of topics. He knows how to demonstrate the value of technology in today's competitive grower market. Alan works in sales at the Schoolcraft store.
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Anthony Henrickson

Anthony works hard for the Schoolcraft parts customer making sure that they get the right solution every time they visit the parts department. With over 20 years of management experience, Anthony is a great asset to the Farm Depot team.
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Will Heikes

Will works as an in-house service technician specializing in setup, maintenance and general repair. Will farms and has grown up in the agricultural community.